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the narrative

Stories from the heart of Inglewood

Told in five episodes - by the youth who live them.

Changing the Narrative Team

Changing the Narrative Team

Marcus Pickens

With a Poem by

Jonathan Zeno 

and music by


Episode 2

From Fairytales

to Feminism

A Black Girl in 3 Acts



music by Quest

and young ambition

Jessica d'amphimpa

the Fairytale

Chassydi Crain

the Girl Percieves

Dominique Williams

The Woman

Episode 3

Wanting to Live

Mental Health in communities Of Color


"Legacy" a poem by Zeno

music: "Soul Journey" by Quest

"Be Free " "Infinity " and "inner Thoughts" by Young Ambition



activists David Turner

and Derek Steele


Featuring Dominique Williams and Truth

Paul Terry

Episode 6




Poems by Avion and Quest

music by Young ambition

Jonathon Zeno

Tashad Rutherford


Episode 5

Art is Everywhere


Poem by Truth

interview: Kevin Miles

and Betsy Foldes Meiman

interview: Alynnah Walker and Avery Carter

Seoul music: Alynnah and Avery, produced by Young Ambition

Avery Carter

Alynnah Walker


Produced by

Betsy Foldes Meiman

original concept

Daniel P. Castillo


Betsy Foldes Meiman

Daniel P. Castillo

Joe Foldes


program Developed and taught by

Andrea Lopez

Daniel P. Castillo

Betsy Foldes Meiman


Natalie REdington

and Ana Perez


Big and special thanks

to Angela Johnson Peters

for grant prep

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Changing the Narrative is funded in partby a generous grant from
The California Arts Council,
a State Agency.
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