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Connectopod Learning is a 501(c) (3) nonprofit organization (EIN # 82-3500019).

Invite Connectopod to your classroom or school.

Here are some ways to collaborate with us:


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Connect with Connectopod for 2020 / 2021!

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​Incorporate Connectopod Learning lesson plans into a curriculum you are already have planned!

Connectopod can collaborate with you and your students using your curriculum. We help you to dive into a subject. Capitalizing on your students' curiosity, we take them deeper into a story using the tenants of journalism initiated by your curriculum. Your students become reporters, researching, brainstorming, collaborating with peers. We teach them how to ask questions that will create a deeper understanding and an engaging podcast.

Explore Careers and Professions:

Students can explore professions and careers that interest them by interviewing a professional in the field! Let Connectopod organize an interview in a field of your choice. (Program includes research and preparation time with your class prior to the interview. We will work with your schedule).

Bring the Connectopod curriculum to your classroom:

We can cater a Connectopod lesson to focus on any of the following areas: ELA, researching skills, tech skills, public speaking skills, STEM an more! We will work with you to create something to fit your class objectives and needs. We provide the lesson plans, a minimum of one staff person to present, and all of the equipment needed.

Get creative!

Create a podcast featuring your students as part of a thank you to a special teacher or parent at the end of the school year. We use the Connectopod process  with your students around your subject to create and engaging story. A copy of the podcast makes a memorable and unique gift.

Fundraise with Podcast!

There are many ways to auction off a Connectopod opportunity. Connectopod can help your school or organization fundraise by selling promos made by your students produced by Connectopod. Email for more information.

Why Podcast?

Connectopod can enhance a classroom lesson or project by involving each child in the learning process. Connectopod Learning staff and volunteers are skilled at meeting each child where they are at. Our activities foster inclusion. Our process promotes curiosity. From brainstorming to research, from writing to editing - there is a place for every student to help in producing the podcast.

Connectopod teaches hands on tech skills, such as operating recording equipment, editing audio files, and more, which are skills that can be applied to other areas of school and life!

Connectopod Learning is fully equipped with all of the professional studio quality equipment and software needed to produce the podcast. Best of all, we will teach you how to continue producing podcast shows after our program wraps up. There is no additional fee should you choose to continue producing your own podcast, and your students' stories could be featured on the Connectopod website! We have continued opportunities for students to contribute stories in the future as youth correspondants.

Nominate a student for the Connectopod Team!

Do you know a student that would make a great youth reporter? Someone who has an interest in journalism, podcast, social media, marketing & communications, and/or creative writing? Nominate your student here!

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