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Do you have an interesting story or work in an interesting place? Be interviewed by the  crack reporters of Connectopod!
Recommend Stories ideas. Our youth reporters have a unique POV and would appreciate your story leads. 
Keep us in mind for future internships with your company, school or organization.
For my voice over biz friends: donate old recording equipment, laptops and software. give studio time, or work with us as producers/editors, connect us.
Educators: hire us to enrich curriculum you are already working on. We will create a podcast with your students on any subject! 
Buy ad time on our podcast! We will create an ad or promo for you
connectopod style!
Have a business? Be an ongoing sponsor. Be mentioned on our website, podcast (which streams, here, podbean, iTunes, and youtube.)
Connect us to opportunities to learn and grow. Alert us to funding opportunities.
And of course, if you can...please donate!

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