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From K Pop to A Pop
Connectopod: Changing the Narrative - Unhoused Youth Mural
LA This Week Levi Ponce Connectopod  Mural at Hope of the Valley
Connectopod -  Levi Ponce Mural at Hope of the Valley
Gayle Alvarez, Podcaster with Connectopod's "Changing the Narrative"
LAPL NoHo Katherine & Diego
LAPL NoHo Leslie and Ivonne
LAPL NoHo Anthony & Gen
LAPL NoHo Elliot & Kai

This has been one of my

favorite things I've done for

Tree People. I'm not kidding.

Frankly, they were better than 

quite a few adult interviewers.

Scroll over a picture to hear them speak. Magic!

former KCal 9 anchorwoman

Sylvia Lopez
Jessica Jewell

Dir. Marketing & Comm.

Tree People

Daniel Handler

aka Lemony Snicket

I've hardly recovered.

What's it like to work with connectopod?

Yeah! What they said!

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