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Your financial support helps Connectopod reach more kids in our 2020 / 2023 programs!

Project Funding

Changing the Narrative is our annual series where we work with youth in communities that get a bad rap. We challenge existing stereotypes (what’s right, wrong, and what's missing). Then together build a more nuanced and accurate narrative to help people see through that single story.


Challenge the Status Quo ︎* Re-Imagine Possibilities * Re-examine Past and Present Connections


Changing the Narrative Season 3 -Unhoused Youth: Stories of the

TAY Collaboration with The Village Family Services drop in center 

for homeless Transitional Age Youth (TAY)

Our residency runs September 2020-April 2021


A project in 3 parts:

1.      Podcast Series consisting of interview episodes with TAY and solo episodes by TAY, October 2020-March 2021 Who are the TAY and what do they want us to know? 

2.      Large Public Mural created and executed by TAY and  Levi Ponce- TAY will own physical space through art

3.      Documentary Short -’Unhoused Storytellers’ directed by Gabe Evans covers the stories of the TAY introduced in the Podcast from our introduction through the creation of the mural. TAY will be hired as production assistants


To adapt to COVID 19 safety measures, our professional guest artists mentor TAY 1 on 1 virtually instead of group workshops. Safe distancing and remote work enables us to continue the program while keeping TAY (and us) safe.

Funding Status:  Podcast and Mural are fully funded thanks to NBC Universal/Telemundo Innovation Grant, Tiger Baron, UCLA/Kaiser 


Funding Sought: 25K matching funds documentary “Unhoused Storytellers”


Changing the Narrative Season 4 - Refugees and Asylum Seekers

Collaboration with The International Rescue Committee-Los Angeles

June 2021-March 2022

Our mission with Changing the Narrative is stated above. But in addition to providing skills and a platform to be heard, our program strengthens literacy and emotionally bolsters youth that have experienced trauma. We feel strongly that telling your story is healing. Validation of our own worth happens when people listen. 

Funding Sought: Grants submitted, Funding still needed


Los Angeles Public Library-Canoga Park Branch -                Collaborating with Marcia Melkonian

January 15- February 15, 2021


Workshop to support LAUSD students falling through the cracks of online learning.

Working with teachers and students to fulfill project learning assignments with podcasts.


Funding Status: FILLED by Friends of the Library Association

Funding Sought: Funding still needed for future programs

What happens when you hang out at the Ca


Connectopod in UGANDA
June 2023


Our podcasters interviewed Father Joachim Ssebwana and earned an invitation to visit him in Central Uganda. We will work with his students to create a podcast with youth in his elementary and secondary students


We will also stay and work with Lynne Auerbach and the youth of Connect Africa, an organization engaged in assessing the needs of the families impacted by HIV, implementing start-up endeavors and supporting the students in their efforts to obtain an education. Connect Africa relies on local staff and advisors who intimately understand the complex needs of the community. We will create a documentary short, and podcast, and train students on equipment that we will install on campus with the intention of continuing Connectopod/Connect Africa podcast collaborations after we leave.

Funding Status: Grants submitted, Funding still needed


Ongoing Youth Contributors- Any youth who has participated in our program can contribute podcast episodes whenever they want. 2 in progress now are a story about Reseda Blvd, and one about a family move from San Fernando to Kansas City because of the financial impacts of COVID.

Connectopod is growing fast. We are raising funds for development and to bring on staff to meet the challenges and good fortune of having so many meaningful collaborations. Thank you for your consideration.


Your financial support helps Connectopod reach more kids!


Follow the Amazon Smile and set your Amazon charity as Connectopod Learning. Every time you shop through Amazon, Connectopod gets a donation from Amazon. Help us to empower youth podcasters to create change and own their story. Please and Thank you!

You can send checks to:           

Connectopod Learning, Inc.

18738 Keswick St

Reseda, CA 91335


Connectopod Learning, Inc. is a 501c3 non-profit. Your donations are tax deductible!

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