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Holy Moly. We Did It!!

Newscast I mean uh, team, Week 1!

Newscast I mean uh, team, Week 1!

Have you ever started something, then been absolutely terrified?

From my experience with The GMP, I know that doing a podcast is a great curriculum to break kids out of the box with writing, speaking, curiosity and self confidence while having a blast. So sure, we can do a summer camp, right? We can do in a week what we did in a month! Right? Me on Sunday nite: "Yaaaaaaghghahhghahhgy! What was I thinking?!?!?!?"

Luckily, the best Newscast Team Ever proved that we indeed, could. We moved at breakneck speed: Monday we got to know each and assigned story segments by interest, Tuesday-research, Wednesday-write, Thursday-record and edit, Friday-present. We played Connectopod games to prep like: "Reporter in the Jungle," "Story Clue Search," "Monkey Butt Waverunner," "Secret Story," and "Heavy Ball/Plot Ball." And tag. Lots of tag!

But man, when they worked - they worked! Each segment had at least three sources. they worked in teams of two recoding and performing. The GMP veterans helped out immensely, teaching editing in Twisted Wave and composing theme music. The new reporters jumped right in, creating a cooperative creative team.

So I present to you:

Connectopod Summer Project has begun! Veteran GMP reporters Angelica Benitez, Vicky Benitez and Daniela Catalan welcome Reeve Bennett, Declan Murphy and Skylar Stevens to the team.

Angie B guides us on the path less followed with her Not So Far Travel Agency. Reeve offers us weather with dining! Daniela dives deep into our oceans troubles with a report on global warming. Vicky keeps you moving with the weird traffic update.Declan equates math and the history of small and hairy humans. And Skylar cracks open the mystery of micro fossils.

Theme music composed by Daniela Catalan.

Thank you all for a week of hard work and a ton of fun!

PS: to listen to previous podcasts before we were Connectopod!

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