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A VG Mouselook

Video Games from those in the know!

Vicky Benitez, Daniela Catalan, Laz Meiman, Andre Devancens and Angie Benitez

Well hello there. Hope you enjoyed some fireworks and a few days off! Right before I closed my laptop for the holiday and headed to San Diego, I posted Episode 3 of connectopod Summer Project. Each reporter chose an aspect of gaming to report on. Having worked on, and auditioned for many video games, l was treated to the consumer pov of those creations. As a parent, I gained new respect for the possibilities of VG tech evolution. I was surprised to learn the depth to which kids understand their own vulnerability to vg effects on their psyches and their bodies and the extent to which they take responsibility of usage because the generation that is supposed to protect them won't or can't. I learned terms: open world, mmo, griefer. This is the subject of their generation.

So here it is!

And if you would like to contribute to our mission to empower kids to find their voice donate here!

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