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Malala is graduating! To celebrate her and honor her far reaching inspiration, we're reposting a story done by Daniela Catalan and Victoria Benitez (then 11 and 7) back in 2015. The assignment was to imagine themselves as friends of Malala who were there the day she was shot. Ever surprising, these two pink clad giggly girls rose to the challenge and exceeded my expectations with this well researched and written piece. Fellow reporter Angelica Benitez recorded the session. I produced. I hope that the Karaoke version of Hollaback Girl is royalty free! This was a segment in the GMP episode Rise UP

Thank you Malala. You are amazing! You continue to inspire us in our mission to get get kids to speak up and reach out. If you can do what you do after what happened happened, we sure as heck can try.

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