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Eduardo Salazar Augments our Reality

Our last episode "Eduardo Salazar Augments our Reality" Was a video! What now?......Yes! With every episode, we challenge the team with something new (I'm going to break that down in separate blogpost). This episode (watch below) we had two challenges. For the reporters: do it in Spanish. For me: do it in video rather than audio podcast and edit in Spanish, (which I don't speak what in the world was I thinking?!). With Andrea hopping in to do the subtitles the job was much easier.

We had so much fun with Eduardo, our willing and informative longtime He taught these same kids in the MEND after school program in his volunteer design project. So it was a bit of a reunion party too. He also brought with him the AR goggles he designed in a follow up session. (Yes, a follow up session...How generous is Eduardo!?) The team (and parents and Connectopod reporters past and present) got to try out the cutting edge technology before it goes to market. Ah the connectoperks!

Thank you Eduardo!

Eduardo gives a demonstration:

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