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Special Indeed!

Connectopod has an exciting collaboration coming up in April with the class of Alora Herbst at Haskel Steam Magnet. This Special Day Program-Common Core Curriculum is a class for diverse learners with a variety of disabilities who require a smaller environment and extra support to access classroom curricula.

In figuring out how to adapt our program for this class, we came to the realization that we are experiencing what they must experience all the time:

-We are unsure of ourselves in how to relate socially with the students.

-We don't know if we can accomplish the task before us.

-It feels a bit overwhelming and we don't want to disappoint or be embarrassed

after trying so hard.

We can learn from the lessons we saw Mrs. Herbst teach her class the day we stopped by for a visit:

-Make eye contact and speak in full sentences. Listen to others. Be kind.

-Try your best. Don't worry about it. Enjoy where you are.

-You'll surprise yourself. You will be happier for trying. It matters more to you than

anyone else.

So with that in mind, we happily proceed! We will do our 5 part program that ends with a podcast which will be posted on our stream. These boys (the whole class!) were perfect gentlemen, very funny and infectiously happy. They, and we, are so excited to start!

We'll let you know how it goes. If you'd like to contribute toward helping us bring our program to this class (we don't charge schools that can't afford it) please press the link below. It costs us $2500. Please and Thank you!

If you have a collaboration idea or know a group that might like to collaborat, connect us.

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