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More in Store for Connectopod!

Artist Lois Keller donates her talents for our treasure!

Women's March Poster 2018, Lois Keller

We are proud to announce the addition of the Women's March Posters by artist Lois Keller. We are offering bags and posters, stickers and postcards. What Iove about Lois' art is that it is powerful and yet always positive. Beauty is a powerful tool. If you were one of the hundreds of thousands that stood up for your rights and the rights of others on January 20th, 2018, you have seen this image everywhere. Now is your opportunity to own a little history, signed by Lois herself!

You may not know that Connectopod has a shop. And it is quite a Unique Boutique (any New Yorkers from the 80's out there?). Our talented friends have offered their art to raise funds that allow us to help marginalized kids find their voice and give them a platform to amplify it. Art helping kids speak out is like expression squared! We 'launched' (okay, we sent you an email) the Shop back in December with our official Connectopod Mod necklaces, other Jewelry by me (Betsco) and ceramics by talented potter, Melissa Basta.

Your purchases help us afford our ongoing podcast and also bring our curriculum to kids that need it. Reach out. Speak out. Turn needing into leading! We are raising funds right now to work with Alora Herbt's 1st-3rd class of challenged learners. We simply cannot wait to work with these kids!

THANK YOU, LOIS, for sharing your talent, sharing the love!

If your are an artist and want to be a part of our shop, contact me. We'd love to have you.

You can see Lois' other art on murals and electrical boxes, in galleries and schools, all around LA. She makes collage portraits using Trader Joe's bags that are so damn beautiful. Follow her on instagram @Lois.Keller

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