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Failure is the Only Option!

The Connectopod Team and  Gabe Evans.

A clandestine Sunday meeting with meme dealer, Gabe Evans.


How do you go from "How to Batman" to media mogul at Jukin Media by age 32? Gabe Evans imparted guru nuggets while making us laugh:

"You do what you like to do and you really go for it. You are building a network of people who like what you do without you having to convince them that they will like what you do." Batman? More like Yoda.

300 Million!

Oh, you know. Just another workday scouring the web for cute cat videos and interpreting them for the masses. 300 Million masses! This was one of Gabe's most viewed videos at the Pet Collective. That doesn't count the

number of views from downloaded and re-shared videos like this one. Gabe estimates, billions have ultimately seen this video. He tells the team what he did to make it resonate. Gabe says to think of the internet like a living breathing thing.

Yep. Not scary at all.

Tips from a Pro

Gabe gave the team a few tips to create their own viral video. So one buffalo hat and a cute little sister later, this is what they came up with.

Notice the key elements: cute subject, music, eye-catching fonts, a simple

idea. I have a feeling there will be ongoing attempts. Hide the Cat! (or make him cute felt outfits.)

Wait.What Now?!

When Somebody Loves You-Winky Face!

And congrats to Gabe Evans and Lyberti Nelson who will tie the knot on April 22nd. Can't think of a nicer, funnier, knot than these two. Mazel Tav, Congrats and lifelong happiness together.

Thanks, Gabe, for charm, your insight, and for inspiring the kids to achieve their own failures.

PS: You gave us so much to think about, watch for an internet related Part 2 with reporting from the Team with a few more of your sound bytes!

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