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As an award-winning narrator of films, books, and tv series, Betsy has introduced presidents and newsmakers for ABC News This Week and been preserved in the Library of Congress. She has entertained and terrified millions of gamers and worked with top producing teams on national tv, radio, and internet.  Her 20 years of professional experience brings skills and a network of media talent to Connectopod. The child of refugee political asylee parents, she understands the resiliency that good mentorship can provide. She has used her skills of communication and empathy, honed in performance, to help youth realize their innate abilities, value, and agency, her entire career. In 2012, she started bringing her own equipment to work with students in the Mend Afterschool program in Pacoima. Over the next five years, she met with students every Tuesday, developing The Greatest MEND Podcast. Combining her talents with the creative admin talents of Andrea, she co-founded Connectopod in 2018.


Betsy makes time for crazy art projects in her home studio in the little atomic ranch house she shares with her husband, Hank and son, Laz, (who make the sun shine every day),  Janey the dog and Toby Ziegler the cat..

 Connect with Betsy  for interview suggestions and general questions at or 818-471-6131

Read about her in Voyage LA

Betsy Foldes Meiman

CoFounder / Creative Executive Team

Originally from the Salinas Valley, Andrea has worked on community building and paths to higher education for youth since her days as student at Hartnell Community College. There, she worked as a tutor  with ESL students and international students while helping to organize conferences and workshops for local kids. Later, she earned her BA in History and MA in Humanities from Cal Sate Northridge while continuing to work as a tutor and as a project assistant for a grant offering Assistive Technology through the National Center on Deafness at CSUN. From 2011 to 2017 she coordinated the MEND Afterschool program in Pacoima, CA growing the program to serve 100 children each semester with tutoring, field trips and special youth & family events. Some of the most rewarding moments came from meeting, training, working with and learning from the many volunteer tutors that came through the youth services department doors to give their time and talents.

Her husband, three daughters and new baby boy are a constant source of support and inspiration to her. She enjoys cooking big, yummy meals for her family, and should have probably gone to culinary school.

Connect with Andrea for questions regarding Connectopod  scheduling, curriculum, package options, sponsorship and donations at or 818-400-7594.

Andrea  Longoria Lopez

CoFounder / Creative Executive Team





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Laz Meiman

Former Reporter / Videographer
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