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 *Transitional Age Youth


Changing the Narrative Season 3: “Unhoused Youth-Stories of the TAY,” 

In residence at The Village Family Services drop-in center in North Hollywood



The TAY will work remotely and individually with a professional media guest artist to create an episode about whatever they want, however they want to tell it. Will it be personal narratives? Straight out journalism? Activism? Creative fiction? Music? Comedy? It is their story to tell.

The TAY (Transitional Age Youth) share their experiences of homelessness, including issues surrounding mental health, LGBTQ discrimination, pandemic madness, domestic violence, attending college, finding work, dealing with addiction, and as all youth are doing – just figuring out who you are in life.

A Project in 3 parts





Creation of a public mural by The TAY and Levi Ponce - owning space through art and documenting the process.



Everything is coming up roses for 24 year old Gayle Alvarez. But it was a lot of hard work to make this garden grow. From homelessness to peer counselor to employment specialist for homeless youth at The Village Family Services, she has turned her needing into leading. She shares her journey through undiagnosed mental illness and how she found her way in hopes it will encourage others who find themselves on the edge.

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Lupe Cerda’s story starts with the promise of new beginnings in a new country. Her family, a family with strong bonds, took a  leap of faith to build a better future. But life isn’t always fair, and the loss of her mother to cancer soon after arrival set her on a different, much harder path. 


With her father unavailable as he struggles to provide, a brother lost to his own challenges, and other traumatic events that isolate her emotionally, Lupe is left on her own to deal with the pain of grief, coming out in a traditionally conservative family, and surrendering to the call of addiction. When homelessness, addiction, and abuse made Lupe tougher than she ever had to be, she did the bravest thing of all. She allowed herself to be vulnerable. She sought help. In recovery, housed, employed, and repairing her relationships, Lupe shares her story.


The brightest rainbows come after the worst storms.

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in progress

Own your story. 

    Write your own Narrative. 


Tell your personal story. Give your opinions. HIghlight issues that matter to you. Share your humor. Use creative fiction to make people feel like you do. Interviews, music, poetry... whatever your style is!

Work with media professionals in workshops to learn skills. Collaborate in lab time to build your episode. 

Episodes stream on Connectopod on Spotify, iTunes, Google Play, I ♥️ Radio

If you are a TAY at the DIC September-December 2020

See Alejandro Soria

Changing the Narrative is a series where we challenge existing stereotypes (what’s right, wrong, and what's missing).  Then together build a more nuanced and accurate narrative to help people see through that single story.



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