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How different
are we?

What is our

shared story? 


Connectopod uses the medium of podcast to connect youth to their peers, their community, and their power to own their story. 

Peers are now defined by connections, not distance. Community is global. 

Technology is easy. Communication is the challenge. 

Can we connect and collaborate with youth half a world away? 

We'll find out!
series roll out

June 2024


Connectopod is growing up! In High school, Melissa Peruch collaborated with us as a journalist on the Domestic Violence Awareness Project at the Canoga Park Library/Teens Leading Change. She’s now at USC starting her journey towards a medical career. She proposed RestrictED-a podcast series on eating disorders.  Thrilled with her initiative, we put her on as producer and host, and supported her tech skills with private coaching with  cristi.cotovan. What makes this series so poignant for us is that we never recognized Melissa’s struggle with an eating disorder because she is such a high achieving leader. She could have hidden that out of pride. Instead she is using her experience to help others. Our vision for Connectopod was always to get youth to realize the power of their own experiences, their own point of view-the power of their own voice!!

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