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Changing the Narrative- Pacoima Episode 4: Pacoima Perspectives

Before the production portion of Changing the Narrative-Pacoima even officially began, podcaster Leilah Ortega was already deep into producing her first episode. Yep...before the empanadas were even cold at our production kickoff party at The Unite Cultural Center, she had broken out the mic "to go kits," roped in her pal Valerie Garcia, and was interviewing The Gr818ers founders Lorenzo and Eric Chapman. Her 3 questions, which became the foundation of this episode, were: "What do you know of Pacoima?" "What have you heard about Pacoima?" "Do the stereotypes you know match what you know of Pacoima?"

And so Team JALV was on the go. Leilah borrowed the to go kit and asked these same questions of people from Pacoima as well as outsiders. As the interviewees share their insights, a complex picture of the neighborhood begins to emerge- the good, the bad, and the funny.

They added fellow podcaster Jolene Caballero's description of taking nature photos on a walk with her mom. Highlighting individual flowers that she sees almost as portraits, we are invited to see beauty in a singular way amidst unremarkable surroundings.

Valerie and Aiden Robles went around Vaughn Next Century Learning Institute and added more interviews of people's favorite places or Pacoima memories.

With this episode, Team JALV gives the listener a rounded view of Pacoima and insight to how people can view the same place in different ways.

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Thanks for listening!

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