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We love the Los Angeles Library!

Connectopod as guest artists at The Los Angeles Public Library North Hollywood Branch got work with a swell bunch of kids. We had four teams of two who tried their hand at recording a podcast episode.

In our one hour workshop, we determine our teams by playing a little game called Six Questions. The participants come up with who, what, when, where, how, and why questions that will garner more than a yes or no answer when asked. The art of conversation lies in drawing out the most interesting details. Listening is observation. In the game each person chooses one of the questions we came up with. They can be honest, or make something up as they write their answer without their name on it.

As we read the collected answers, we get to know quite a bit about the writer. Which question did they choose? Did they reveal personal details or deflect with humor? Did they right a lot or did they get right to the point? Was the answer opinion, fantasy, or fact based? Then we guessed who answered what. Comedy ensues! Based on those answers, we found partners who fit stylistically, or could draw each other out. Who fits together is sometimes surprising!

Working at the Library

Firstly, it's kind of weird to not whisper in a library. Secondly, as part of the LAPL Performers Program, we package a workshop that can be done in an hour that introduces the concept of podcasting to youth. We can also be engaged to do special projects such as a series done for Canoga Park and a special project for Mar Vista, (read more about that here ). Usually we're in and out like communication ninjas.

We aim for a few goals: get kids talking and realize have interesting things to say, demystify tech, and have some fun recording. We don't usually do post production or edit the episodes, but we thought we'd share the experience with you this time!

Ta Da! Here are the results!

Click image for link to hear what these clever podcasters came up with in 20 minutes. These workshop practice episodes are lightly edited for time and to tighten content for a better listening experience, though no music or post sound production as we do for our episodes. This group of podcasters are a buncha naturals!

To hear what finished episodes sound like, check out our latest series Changing the Narrative- Pacoima or go to our stream on spotify, podbean, iTunes, or google play.

Thank you Librarian Emily Lopez for the invitation to North Hollywood Branch of the Los Angeles Public Library!

And thank you Leslie, Ivonne, Anthony, Gen, Katherine, Diego, Elliot, and Kai who jumped right in with vim and vigor. Consider this your formal invitation to join Connectopod!

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