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Endings and Beginnings

We had to take this down today. Wah!

This was our "wall of fame" where we posted our interview guests. This started after watching Matisse work on his murals. Of course!

Hi everyone!

Welcome to the first ever connectoblog post!

After four years of Tuesday afternoons at MEND and many adventures, The Greatest MEND Podcast had our last class Tuesday. Endings are always beginnings and though sad, we are also excited to begin our new era of podcast.

We will continue our roving reporter ways now as connectopod.

Almost the exact moment the idea for connectopod sparked, we got a call from Wilda Kier, who we knew from an after school STEM summer camp she volunteered at MEND. Wilda, with 25 years experience of youth after school programming and summer camps, was also striking out on her own with a STEM summer camp! She invited us to do a Podcast project camp within her camp. Sheesh! We were nowhere near ready, but this was too great an opportunity to pass up! Wilda is an outside the box dynamo, how could we not take the dare? We could continue to develop our curriculum and earn money for our BIG PLANS this fall. We have been running at the speed of gratitude for the last 3 weeks getting everything ready.

We have a price, $477. But we also have financial aid from light to full ride. Email me at if you need it. Don't be shy! We want to be true to our mission as well as our goals. Please send campers our way. Wilda also has financial aid.

Some of our BIG PLANS for our funds:

-Do our first podcast as Connectopod. We are thrilled that three of our star reporters, Angie Benitez, Daniela Catalan and Victoria Benitez will continue with us!

-Continue our relationship begun with Malaysia Social Research Institute. We found MSRI via UNHRC. I'll tell you more about this refugee education and family center in Kuala Lumpur as it progresses. Our goal is to invite kids worldwide to be correspondents via skype and help them develop the skills to do so.

-create a curriculum for schools as an elective and/afterschool program based on our teaching message: Reach out, speak out! Turn needing into leading. Connectopod will post their podcasts.

-scholarship exchange, internships generator

Meanwhile, back on earth, I am composing a compilation of the best of The GMP. I'll keep you posted. Here's one of my faves for your ear joy: the easy grace and dastardly wit of Daniel Handler aka Lemony Snicket!

Was it all a dream?

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