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Variety Show Kicked My Butt

Connectopod thinking on their feet!

In the word of Cuicani Lopez, "Phew!"

Having an actory background, I thought doing a Variety Show format would be easy summer fun! Fun? Yes! Easy? No! So in the interest of peeling this semi permanent laptop off me and getting into the pool, I am going to get right to it and give you:

Connectopod Summer Podcast Project Week 2- Variety Show!

Here, for your ear joy, is a 100% original show from the 100% unique minds of Connectopod Summer Project podcasters week 2: The Fabulous Benitez Sisters- Angelica and Victoria, The Distinctive Daniela Catalan, the Riveting Reeve Bennett and first time podcasting Force to Be Reckoned With, Cuicani Lopez!

Original music created by Daniela Catalan for 'The Prankster Chef'

Guitar stylings for the group creation of the Connectopod 'theme song' by Reeve Bennett

Sound effect hunt led by Angelica Benitez

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