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Connectopod Special Edition -DACA

Victoria Benitez, (middle) of course, had just dropped a classic Vicky. Angelica Benitez (left) and Daniela Catalan (right)

Our first day back in session was Tuesday. DACA was also rescinded that day. Our team of reporters ranging in age from 8-13 is witnessing the stress on the socal immigrant community up close. Part of our mission is to provide a forum for kids to work out all the crazy events happening in the world and give them a platform to voice their point of view. They learn that their point of view is important and that facts are building blocks to make their case. Or even (gasp!) develop a new point of view based on what they find!

The team got to work and researched , wrote and edited their segments . You can't keep a good reporter down! We barely finished before it was time to go. I added an intro later, because of time constraints. Usually the reporters do it.

I chose this picture for the post because this is how it works at Connectopod. When you are busy leading, you feel better. I know that these first generation Americans give this first generation American hope.

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