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Changing the Narrative Episode 1-The Urban Entrepreneur

Who are you?

This episode is about confidence. Knowing who you are, where you've been and where you are going. Zeno, one of our resident philosophers, starts us off with a poetic call to self realization. Quest's calm energy drives the whole piece with her song Blast Off.

I am.

Marcus Pickens is Changing the Narrative by beating the odds to create a black owned and run internet startup. Questcutz is like Uber for you hair. "Your Time. Your Place. Your Way." is the mantra of the website. He has over 40 vetted barbers and hairstylists available to you on his soon to launch app.

Marcus is inspiring in so many ways. From the very beginning of our program collaboration with The Social Justice Learning Institute it was clear that this is a man on a mission, laser focused, committed and confident in his hard earned skills. He literally attacked the curriculum and made swift implementation of the lessons learned from our guest speakers, self starter Gabe Evans, social communications professional Jessica Jewel Lanier and designer Eduardo Salazar into his business. As you will hear in his story, his goals center on uplifting a whole community rather than just himself. He explores the causes, meanings, and effects of the lack of black owned businesses in neighborhoods of color.

Therefore I think.

How does Marcus stay so focused, so present and dynamic, while meeting the demands of life and business ? J.Cole on Spotify, Infinite Waters videos (who I am also hooked on now!) and the unrelenting quest to be his own boss.

Changing the Narrative, Episode 1- The Urban Entrepreneur

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