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Meet Our Intern Stephanie Barboza!

Hello Everyone! My name is Stephanie Barboza, I am a second year at California State University, Northridge and am Double Majoring in Marketing & Chicanx Studies. I am secretary for Dreams to Be Heard, a student organization that offers support for the undocumented student community and a member of Revolutionary Scholars, a student organization for formerly incarcerated and systems impacted students seeking higher education. In addition, I also serve as a Student Director on the Board of Directors for the University Student Union at CSUN. I also serve as a Co-Chair for the Facilities and Commercial Services Committee and am a member of the Diversity and Inclusion Committee. On my free time I also enjoy making jewelry through my self made brand, Noodles Artesanías. My personal interests include roller skating, outdoor adventures, and social justice advocacy. You can always find me rollerskating anywhere and falling while trying to learn tricks at skateparks! It was my goal in 2019 to go on a hike at least once a month, I enjoy being in nature and learning about native and medicinal plants.

In the future, I hope to use my Marketing and Chicanx Studies degrees to work on the Marketing Team of a non-profit organization. I think it is important for non-profit organizations to have successful marketing in order for their services and work to be widely recognized and supported. In addition, having sufficient marketing ensures a higher chance for donations other forms of public funding.

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