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Pacoima Library!

Our regular ongoing meetings are back in session! Did you know that in addition to partnering with schools and nonprofits, Connectopod also has ongoing meetings throughout the school year that are open to any student in middle or high school? That's right - completely open and completely free!

We have partnered with the Pacoima Library to offer 7 meeting dates from October to December 2018 (see schedule below). We are so grateful to have partnered with the LAPL to make Connectopod's Youth Podcast accessible to all!

Back to where it all started!

Fun Fact: The idea for Connectopod started in Pacoima in 2012! Back then, it was a one woman show teaching groups of kids the ins and outs of podcasting. Betsy Foldes Meiman (a volunteer tutor at a Pacoima afterschool program) had the amazing idea to use her voice over skills and pro recording equipment to help students with their English language skills, as well as their reading fluency and confidence. A bit of a child at heart herself, Betsy also wanted to record funny voices and silly sound effects along the way - what kid doesn't love that? A finished podcast proved something amazing (and something we probably already knew) - kids learn best when they are having fun and when pressure is alleviated. The kids were researching stories they wanted to learn more about; no assignments; no grades; no traditional deadlines. It's fun to think that the bones for Connectopod's Youth Podcast began in a small corner office, and is now all over LA!

Did we mention we love librarians?

Because we do! The librarians at Pacoima Library have been so supportive of Connectopod programming from the start! Shout out to Marcia Melkonian, Meredith McGowan and Senior Librarian, Laura Contin for hosting us! The LAPL really believes in creating engaging and accessible programming.

What makes a community special?

The people are what make a community special! And Connectopod is going to highlight some of the amazing people in the community with a focus on the local nonprofit organizations in the neighborhood. Subscribe to our newsletter, or follow us on Instagram or Facebook for more details on upcoming shows!

So what are you waiting for?

Don't delay! Join Connectopod today! Our Tuesday workshops are open to students between the ages of 11 - 17 years old. All meetings are held at:

Pacoima Library

Community Room

13605 Van Nuys Blvd.

Pacoima, CA 91331

The dates & times of our meetings are:

Oct 9: 4PM - 5:15PM

Oct 30: 4PM - 5:15PM

Nov 13: 4PM - 5:15PM

Nov 27: 4PM - 5:15PM

Dec 4: 4PM - 5:15PM

Dec 11: 4PM - 5:15PM

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